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    Non Invasive Body Treatment

    This service includes Deluxe Lipo + Cavitation + Whole Body Vibration - Single Session ($189) The ultrasound frequency in this device is designed to break down and shrink fat cells without harming your skin or other internal organs. The fat cells are drained through your lymphatic system. (bodily fluids) NO PAIN. SAFE & NON INVASIVE! Clients see immediate results and will continue to see results in the reduction of fat 3-7 days after treatment, with optimum results usually after 5-7 sessions. (sessions may vary) Included with this treatment is Deluxe Laser Lipo and Whole Body Vibration. ($189) $25 fee is booking and consult fee, this seperate than the fee of service. Fee only applies to first appointment. Rules and Policies for Royalty Body Attraction Effective Immediately 1. You can always book your body treatment online at - this is a self-service portal. If you are a Groupon client, please select Groupon Discount client to book your appointment. 2. All appointments must be cancelled 24 hrs. in advance or there is a service fee of $15- this must be paid before your next session. 3. Credit Card must be on file (if you do not choose to put a card on file and you paid for a package deal, you will lose an appointment for each cancelled appointment). 4. We do not service anyone from work or gym, please come to your appointment free of oils, odors and sweat. 5. If your menstruation is on, you CAN NOT receive a body wrap session or any body treatment from the waist below. 6. If you pay for a package deal, this can only be used on one area of your body. You can not decide to change the area, after you have received your first treatment session. If so, you will be charged for additional areas and this must be paid in full, before service starts. 7. Consultation fee are to paid before the day of your appointment, If the consultation fee is not received 24 hrs. before, your appointment, please he advises your appointment will be cancelled.

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